Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Newest Obsession

Romanesque Broccoli: It is the most beautiful vegetable I have ever seen. Erik and I were picking out produce at our local co-op when I beheld this magical vegetable. I picked it up with two hands and stared in amazement. I've seen these patterns before when I learned about fractals at the Battle Creek Math and Science Center as a teen. Staring into the intricate patterns on this bit of veg felt like I was staring into the secrets of the universe. I have been brooding for days about the absence of Beauty in everyday life. I came to the grocery store hungry, but not hungry for food, hungry for Beauty. Here in this delicious (and gas-free I hear) food I have found immeasurable beauty. Now I just have to work up the courage to actually eat it!


Jeremy said...


Reminds me there's a whole world unknown tous because we just cannot see everything in our lives.

This little veggie has me brooding about whether I am doing original things, or merely striving after that which has already been discovered somewhere of the horizon.

And it is gas-free.

That's a potent brocollo ya got there, Sarah. ;?)

Pr. K said...

Ah yes. Fractals.

Lovely broccoli.

kayb said...

Sarah, It is my new obsession too. I ate it once in Italy and it arrived a greenlife a few weeks ago. The produce man and I admired it and then found we have a mutual love of ancient geometry. Vegi's they bring us together. Eat Phi whenever possible.

Kepler said...

It's people!!! We're eating people!!!

Freaky lookin' veg.

Kelly Klages said...

It reminds me just a little bit of when potatoes start growing long, creepy, purple arms. I'm sure I'd like it better if I saw it in person.

What I like to do in the vegetable aisle is to zip over to the sweet potato section, and point out to my husband how many of them look just like sea lions--faces, whiskers, and all-- and how cute they are. He thinks I'm crazy.