Monday, October 31, 2011

Gratitude in the Grove, Day Five

You guessed it: grey, overcast and cold. I took this picture out of the front door this morning. Most of the trees have lost their leaves. Thankfully some frat boys at the college do a leaf-raking fundraiser each year. We are glad to support their efforts if it means that we don't have to spend our whole weekend raking leaves.
Despite all the angst I've been having over the chaos and endless projects that has marked my experience with this house, I want to give thanks for it. When we left Frederick, the real estate market took a serious nose-dive. We loved our house there and didn't want to leave it, but we felt that Grove City was God's provision for us during the recession. We lost an obscene amount of money on the sale of our house, but (and this is a huge BUT in this economy) we walked away in the black and were able to buy another house in a market with considerably lower home values. We were even able to fix it up quite a bit. (I am still daydreaming about kitchens and baths, however.) It is a charming, yellow, stucco cottage, which I love. It's nestled in some lovely trees; in fact, the largest tree in town is in our backyard. We have delightful neighbors. It's a quiet neighborhood, which helps me sleep. And even though it's a very tiny cottage, we have a finished loft and bath in our attic that we've been able to use to show hospitality to others. There is a story in town that the family who lived in this house years and years ago had a monkey and it was called, "The Monkey House." Considering that the inside of this charming little cottage is much like a circus, it seems a fitting name for our home.
The Monkey House- October 31, 2011
This is one of my favorite pictures of our house, taken last Christmas.

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B.L.B said...

So beautiful! Wish we had snow here in Georgia!