Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Gratitude in the Grove, Day Seven

What a fabulous sunset!
What a beautiful day! That alone fills me with gratitude. Wednesdays are special, however. Today is our CSA pickup day. Each week we are blessed with a small mountain of delicious, locally and sustainably grown foods. This week I ordered some extra goodies: oxtail, soup bones and artisan cheese. In addition to our CSA, we also have access to fresh milk in glass jars delivered weekly. I often complain about our local grocery stores, but why go to the store when you can get food from the farm?!
Oxtail, peppers, parsley, potatoes, soup bone, cheese, milk, kolhrabi, lettuce, and eggs (not pictured here): what a bounty!

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alli steen said...

Just been catching up on your blog and reading some good old'ns that I'd missed.

You are a good writer Sarah, I like your perspective and i'm loving the gratitude series.

Thanks for sharing . x