Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratitude in the Grove, Snow Day

It's snowing outside! Our Siberian Husky is much more excited about it than the fellow who wakes up at quarter of six to walk her. The four-year-old in the house was thrilled. Mommy isn't feeling well and is rather indifferent to things happening outside the sofa. So, that's the weather report.
A house for all seasons.

When I traveled to Chicago a few weeks back, I drove into a beautiful, clear Indiana sky and drank in the colors of the sunset. It occurred to me that I rarely, if ever, see sunsets in Grove City. Between the cloud cover and my house being nestled in a grove of trees, we just don't see them very often. God must have heard my murmuring because the past two weeks have been filled with brilliant skies.
Unfortunately, this was before 5pm, but it was brilliant!
The sun was going down in Pittsburgh.

The skies we magical the whole ride home.

On another note, I shared a book and some treats in Asha's pre-school class. They made me a giant Thank You card. It felt really, really, really good. Gratitude feels good when you are the one offering it, or the one receiving it.

nota bene: I'm not a photographer, aspiring or otherwise. All the photos on this blog are taken with my iPhone. Nothing fancy here, folks.

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